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Fate is a Funny Thing

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“I guess, Anya’s awake,” Lexa said with a chuckle as she and Clarke sat at the kitchen island eating their breakfast before getting ready for the wedding.

“It would seem so. I still can’t believe she didn’t wake up at all last night.”

“I told you my sister could sleep through the apocalypse, Clarke. Plus, she was drunker than a skunk.”

“I don’t think that’s a real phrase, Lex,” Clarke said with a chuckle of her own.

“Agree to disagree…”

“Lexa, you little piece of shit! How the fuck did you move me from my house where I distinctly remember falling asleep with Raven on the couch to the bed in one of your guest rooms, without Raven? And why was I forced to wake up without her,” Anya angrily spat as she stomped into the kitchen.

“Well dear sister, you and your betrothed were so adamant about Clarke and I spending the night before our wedding apart that we just knew that tradition meant a lot to you two so we had to make sure you followed it,” Lexa said sweetly as she portrayed herself as the most caring of sisters.

“Really, Anya, we were just so concerned when we saw you sleeping on the couch together that we had to move you. You and Raven were so aghast when we chose to spend the night before our wedding together and we didn’t want you to wake up with regret and unease because you didn’t follow that tradition you love so much. We truly did this out of the kindness of our hearts,” Clarke added in a sickeningly sweet voice.

“First you orchestrate a bachelorette party to get revenge over what we did at yours then you do this; have the two of you exacted all of your revenge yet,” Anya asked in mock annoyance to mask her pride in her little sister’s ability to get sweet revenge.

“Hmmm, maybe? We’re not sure; I mean you and Raven did go against our wishes then tried to guilt us into spending the night apart so I guess you’ll just have to wait and see,” Lexa said with a sly smirk before adding, “now eat your breakfast Ahn, we have a long day ahead of us.”



“Octavia?! What the fuck,” Raven grumbled when she woke him her bed and found herself wrapped around her ex-girlfriend.

“Good morning dear, did you and Elio sleep well,” Octavia asked sweetly as if it wasn’t strange at all for her to be waking up in Raven’s bed.

“Yes, we slept…wait how the hell did I get here from the couch and why are you in my bed?”

“Oh, well, some little birdies told me that you and Anya freaked when our dearly beloved Clexa wanted to spend the night before their wedding together because of tradition so when we saw you and Anya pass out on the couch together we just had to separate you so you didn’t wake upset with yourselves for not following tradition. So, Clarke and Lexa managed to move Anya to one of their guest rooms without waking her and Linc and I moved you while Echo directed us so we didn’t accidently bump Elio into anything. Then I stayed with you since I remembered you saying you slept best wrapped around Anya like a Koala these days and clearly that’s accurate given you wrapped yourself around me that way. Now, let’s go have some breakfast so we can get you ready to get married,” Octavia explained before getting out of bed.

“You guys are evil but I will admit Clarke and Lexa have done an epic job at getting back at us for the stunt we pulled at their wedding,” Raven said as she got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen with Octavia.



Two hours later Raven was getting ready for the ceremony at her and Anya’s house while Anya got ready at Lexa and Clarke’s. The couple had changed every detail of their wedding at least fifty times leading up to the big day, with the most recent changes being made only a couple of days earlier. Ultimately, they had decided to have their ceremony in the clearing in the woods behind the estate that the couple had discovered a week prior, but Lexa had known was there for years. Lexa had found a carpenter who was willing and able to craft four wooden log benches for the guests to sit on after the soon-to-be wives decided they wanted an authentic outdoor vibe to their ceremony. They had also settled on while roses to make up the runner for the aisle and Raven would carry a bouquet of white and red roses while Anya had elected not to have a bouquet herself. They had also agreed, again after each changing their minds several times, that only Clarke and Lexa would stand up for them; Clarke would be Raven’s maid of honor while Lexa would be Anya’s and Lincoln would perform the ceremony. There would also be no flower girls or ring bearers as the couple decided on a truly simple ceremony. The couple had also chosen to allow their respective maids of honor to choose their own outfits and no one knew what Raven and Anya had settled on wearing ahead of time.

Walking into the room where Raven was getting ready in, Clarke’s breath hitched when she saw the dress her sister had selected.

“Wow, Raven, you look…you look so beautiful,” Clarke said as she took in the sight of her older sister wearing a strapless stretch crepe and lace A-line wedding gown with a semi-transparent sweetheart neckline and was form fitting with a mid-thigh slit on the left side.

“Yeah? Could you help me finish zipping it in the back,” Raven asked her sister anxiously.

“Of course,” Clarke said as she moved to finish zipping her sister’s gown.

“Thank you,” Raven said when Clarke had finished. “You look beautiful too; clearly letting you pick your own dress was the right call,” she added as she took in the red strapless dress with a mid-thigh slit that Clarke was wearing.

“Thank you. I know much you love the color red so it seemed like a solid choice. Plus, even though I know you won’t wear it, I thought it’d match your something old I got you perfectly,” Clarke said as she revealed a box Raven hadn’t noticed her come into the room with.

“What’s this,” the Latina asked curiously as she began to open the package before gasping. “Clarke, is this?”

“It is. Sinclair was able to find it in the box of evidentiary items they had stored from Dad’s accident and then I had a professional work to restore it so you could wear it instead of the one you bought that was of a similar design. I know how much you loved Dad’s red leather jacket, even though Mom thought it was the most atrocious thing on the planet,” Clarke said with a chuckle as she remembered how their mother would make comments about the absurdity that was that jacket.

“Thank you, Clarke, this means so much to me to have. You really didn’t have to go to all that trouble of restoring it though, but thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now, for your something new, Lexa, the kids and I got you this,” Clarke said as she handed Raven a small gift bag.

“Clarke, you guys really didn’t have to do any of this,” Raven said as she opened the bag.

“Sure, we did. You are my only biological sister just as Anya is Lexa’s and minus the whole stripper fiasco you both did a lot for us for our wedding so this was the least we could do. You should also know that Madi and Aden technically picked this out.”

“Oh my God! This is amazing! I was always jealous that you and Lexa have ones similar to this with pictures of your who…OH MY GOD! You included a picture of us with Mom and Dad plus a photo of Anya and Elio’s latest sonogram,” Raven asked as she began to tear up as she looked at the pictures contained in the trifold, silver handcrafted locket.

“We did. Lexa and I were looking at ones more similar to ours then Aden and Madi saw this one and said they and Gracie, Rose, Jake and Gus thought we should choose it because if we did then you could have Dad close to your heart on your wedding day since he can’t be here in person.”

“Those two are always so thoughtful, just like their moms. I’m going to have to give them some extra hugs and kisses today. Can you help me put it on?”

“Of course,” Clarke said as she took the necklace and carefully clasped it around Raven’s neck as Raven carefully moved her hair out of the way. “Perfect. Now, for your something borrowed and blue, I have someone else who wants to see you,” Clarke said as she moved to the door and let Abby into the room.

“Mom,” Raven said in disbelief, “I thought you weren’t going to make it back in time.”

“Nothing could keep me from my eldest daughter’s wedding. Thanks to your sister and Lexa giving us use of the Trikru jet, we were able to get to New York for the organ procurement and back in two hours and then I handed the transplantation surgery off to Owen who came in on her day off so that I could be here. Normally, as Chief of Staff I wouldn’t have even been called for the procurement but the New York hospital had no qualified surgeons to procure the liver and the with the recipient being…”

“Mom, the transplant recipient is Thatcher Grey and he’s family by blood or marriage to majority of your top surgeons so of course you went. I’m just glad you’re here,” Raven said as she cut her mother’s explanation off.

“In any event, I’m here, where I belong, and for your something borrowed and blue, I am loaning you this,” Abby said as she revealed a Swarovski crystal bracelet with the crystals alternating between classic clear and blue ones. “Crystal is said to be what you gift your spouse on your fifteenth wedding anniversary and on your father and I’s fifteenth anniversary he gifted me with this bracelet. I know Clarke, Lexa and the kids have already given you things that involve your dad but I thought you might like to wear this today,” Abby explained as she grew teary-eyed.

“Yes,” Raven choked out, “I’d really like to wear it. Thank you, Mom.”

“Of course, but that’s not all I have for you,” Abby said as she placed the bracelet on Raven’s right wrist.

“What do you mean? You guys have covered all the tradition items,” Raven said clearly perplexed.

“Raven, I love you and your sister more than anything but I know there’s another mother you’d like to have here today. Val and I may not have ever known each other well but I know she loved you even if you’re still questioning that because of her keeping your dad a secret from you. She loved you so much, Raven, and when you were brought to us, we were given a letter Val wrote. The envelope wasn’t addressed to anyone so your dad and I read it to see what it was,” Abby said as she pulled the letter from her handbag, “and we realized it was something she wrote to you in a moment of clarity. You don’t have to read it now but I think you should read it when you’re ready.”

“Sh…she wrote me something,” Raven said as a trembling hand took the letter from Abby.

“She did. We can leave to give you some privacy for you to read the letter if you want.”

“No, Mom, can you guys stay,” Raven asked and Abby and Clarke nodded their heads before she began reading the letter to herself.

My Little Bird,

I don’t know when my life took the turn it has taken. I never used to drink or pop pills. I used to love playing with you and going to your concerts and science fairs at school but now it seems like I only live for booze and pills. This seems to be one of the rare moments where I feel like myself, my old self, and I think I should share somethings with you now in case I never get the chance to do so.

Raven, I’ve never talked about your father, even when you ask, because the truth is I’m ashamed. Your father is Jake Griffin and he is the most amazing man I’ve ever known but I cost us the chance at ever being a family and by continuing to keep his identity from you I’ve also cost you the chance to have a relationship with his daughter, Clarke, he has with his wife, Abby. I’m sorry for this Raven. As I said, I’m ashamed, Raven. When I found out I was expecting you I didn’t actually know who your father was, despite what I’ve always said. The first time I got high was not long before you were conceived. Your dad was away for business so I was spending time with his best friend, Thelonious. Theo was a good man, or so I thought. One night he told me I should try some pills he took himself and before I knew it I was high and I had cheated on your father. When your father returned from his trip I was with him and nine weeks later I learned I was pregnant with you. During those nine weeks though, my relationship with your father ended but he never knew about my night with Theo. Theo was there when you were born and a DNA test at the hospital proved you weren’t his, you were Jake’s so I made sure Jake’s name was on your birth certificate. I’m sorry for all of this Raven but I don’t tell you this to upset you; I tell you this so you don’t make the mistake I made.

Raven, when you find that one person who completes you, do not let them go. Fight for your love and never ever give up on them or your love. When you find your soulmate, make sure they know how you feel. Build a family with your person, my little bird. You will accomplish great things in this life but none of it means anything if you don’t have someone to share it all with. I hope you find your person one day and marry them and have the family I could never give you. And Raven, no matter who you choose to love, no matter their gender or identity or whatever, I will be happy for you, love you and support you. I want nothing more than for you to be happy.

I fear however, that I may not be able to beat my addictions. As the years went on I have found myself succumbing more to these vices. Raven, if I leave you too soon, I am sorry. If I’m not here to see you find the love of your life, your soulmate, know that I will be watching you from above with a smile on my face.

I love you, Little Bird.


Raven was silent, with tears streaming down her face, after she read the letter from her biological mother. Abby and Clarke gave her her space and time to think but Clarke did go to her sister and hold her as she cried. After a few more moments of silence though, Raven composed herself and spoke softly.

“This is dated three days before she died. She cheated on Dad and you both knew, Mom, yet you never disparaged her name in front of me; you only encouraged me to talk about her and Dad shared so many good stories about her. I don’t know if I could have done that in your position but I’m thankful for it,” Raven said as she looked her mother in the eyes before growing sad once more and continuing. “She wanted me to have what I have with Anya though. She wanted me to have this life. I always wondered how she’d react to me being bisexual but now I know; all she wanted was for me to be happy and find my person.”

“She did. She made mistakes, yes, but Val loved you and by her own words she’s told you how happy she’d be for you today. Now, let’s fix your makeup and get you married,” Abby said with a smile that was quickly mirrored by Raven.



Meanwhile, at Lexa and Clarke’s home, Anya was also preparing for the ceremony when Lexa walked into the room.

“Damn Ahn, you look amazing,” Lexa said as she took in the all white suit that had a fitted satin shawl lapel with a sheer white shirt that was solid white with lace over her breasts and matching white fitted pants and white strapy heels.

“Thanks, I feel good too. I’m ready to get married and you don’t look so bad yourself,” Anya said smugly as she took in Lexa’s black suit with a red trim around the lapel and matching red shirt that also matched Clarke’s red dress.

“Well, I wouldn’t dream of upstaging the brides,” Lexa said with a smirk of her own before growing serious. “Anya, you’re my sister and I love you so much. I know you seem to enjoy wedding traditions, for the most part, so Clarke, the kids and I got you some things. I know you wouldn’t want me to make a big deal of this so here,” Lexa said as she thrust two boxes into Anya’s hands.

“Lexa, what are these?”

“The top box is your something new and the bottom is your something old.”

Nodding in understanding, Anya opened the top box first and smiled.

“You got me a necklace? I don’t usually wear them, Lexa.”

“I know, but look inside it. Aden and Madi picked it out but they made sure to specify that Gracie, Rose, Gus and Jake also approved and Clarke and I obviously did too,” Lexa said with a fond smile.

“Lexa, this…this is perfect. Thank you,” Anya said as she opened the trifold locket that was nearly identical to the one gifted to Raven. Like the one given to Raven, there was a picture of Elio’s latest sonogram but there was also a photo of Raven and one of Anya with Lexa, Lincoln, Gus and Indra.

“I know you wish Dad could be here so we all wanted you to have him close to your heart today. May I help you put the necklace on?”

“Yes, please,” Anya softly said as she moved her hair out of the way so Lexa could clasp the necklace around her neck. “Thank you for this; this means more to me than you know.”

“You’re welcome. Now, I don’t want to rush you but we are on a schedule so open the other box.”

Opening the second box, that contained her something old, she gasped recognizing the item immediately.

“Yo…you are giving me Dad’s cufflinks from his wedding to Mom,” Anya asked in complete and utter shock.

“Yes. I know you’ve always liked these so I thought it only makes sense for you to have them, especially today.”

“Thank you, Lexa. This is all perfect. Not to sound ungrateful though but aren’t I supposed to have something borrowed and blue too?”

“You are and that’s where I come in,” Lincoln said as he entered the room. “You look beautiful, by the way.”

“Thank you, Linc. I’m just ready to finally marry Raven.”

“I’m sure you are. I’m pretty sure you officially hold the record for not only longest relationship prior to an engagement but longest engagement in our family,” Lincoln said with a chuckle.

“Haha very funny.”

“It is funny, actually. Anyway, here is your something borrowed and blue,” Lincoln said as he handed a small box to his eldest sister.

As she had done with the other two boxes, Anya quickly began to open it before growing emotional when she saw the antique pocket watch that was adorned with sapphires in the clock face that had belonged to her father and his father before him and his father before him.

“I know you always admired this but it was left to me so I thought you could borrow it today if you wanted,” Lincoln nervously said.

“Lincoln, thank you. It means a lot that you’re letting me borrow this today.”

“Don’t mention it. Mom also said to tell you that she loves you but won’t bug you before the ceremony because she knows you wouldn’t want her fussing over you and getting emotional and ultimately causing you to mess up your makeup,” Lincoln said with a chuckle.

“I love our mom. No other mom would think like that but she’s absolutely right. Not to kick you guys out or anything but isn’t it time for you both to get to your places so I can finally marry Raven?”

Chuckling, Lexa said, “yes, it is. We’ll see you out there, Ahn.”

Once her siblings were out of the room, Anya smiled to herself and said, “it’s finally time to marry the love of my life.”